Glacier Auto Cheap Car Insurance


  • How can I make my auto insurance payment?

    At Glacier, we offer multiple options to fit your preference when making your auto insurance payment. You can visit the policy portal online and make a payment using either Visa or Mastercard. You also have the option to contact your agent, send a check or money order, or set up automatic payments by EFT or RCC.

  • Can I change my payment due date?

    Glacier offers flexible payment due dates by giving you the option to move your payment two days forward or two days back.

  • Why was there a change in my monthly premium?

    A change in your monthly premium could be due to multiple factors including a missed payment or bounced payment/endorsement. For further information regarding your policy, contact customer service at 800-291-3972.

  • Can I make a late payment?

    Yes, we offer a 15-day grace period on all payments. Be advised that a $20 late fee will be added to your insurance payment if passed your due date. This fee applies to all payments excluding your annual renewal.

  • What happens if my policy cancels?

    If your policy cancels, you have 29 days, upon underwriting approval, to reinstate your policy with a lapse in coverage. If your policy has been canceled for over 29 days, upon underwriting approval, you have the option to sign a no loss statement and pay all past due invoices.

  • How do I add/remove a vehicle from my policy?

    If you would like to add or remove a vehicle from your current policy, you can contact your agent, send us a fax at 215-956-9436, or email us at [email protected].

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