Glacier Auto Car Insurance Coverage

Car Insurance Coverage — Pennsylvania

Required Coverages:

Medical Benefits – This pays medical bills for you and others covered on your policy regardless of fault. The minimum limit is $5,000 of coverage. Higher limits are available.

Bodily Injury Liability – If you injure someone in a car accident, this coverage pays their medical and rehabilitation expenses and any damages for which you are found liable. You must buy coverage of at least $15,000/$30,000. The $15,000 pays for injuries to one person while the $30,000 represents the total available for one accident.

Property Damage Liability – If you damage someone’s property in an accident and you are at fault, this coverage pays for it. You must buy at least $5,000 of coverage.

Other Insurance Options:

Limited Tort – Offers savings on your premiums. You are still able to recover all out-of-pocket medical and other expenses, however you are not able to recover certain damages such as payments for pain and suffering unless injuries are defined as serious.

Full Tort – With this selection you retain unrestricted rights to bring suit against the negligent party.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) – This cover bodily injury for you or your family if you are hit by an uninsured motorist.

Underinsured Motorist (UIM) – This covers bodily injury losses for you or your passengers if you are hit by an at-fault motorist who does not have enough insurance to cover your claim.

Stacking of UM or UIM – his coverage allows you to multiply the amount of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage by the number of vehicles on your policy. It costs extra to stack uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

Funeral Benefit – Pays up to $2,500 if you or a family member dies as a result of an auto accident.

Income Loss – Pays your wages when injuries sustained in an auto accident keep you from working.

Collision – This benefit pays to repair damage to your car as a result of an accident. Most banks or lenders require you to buy this coverage to receive a car loan. Under Pennsylvania law, the company applies a $500 deductible unless you request a lower amount. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.

Comprehensive – Generally, this pays for theft or damage to your car from hazards including fire, flood, vandalism or striking an animal. Most banks or lenders require you to buy this coverage to receive a car loan. There are various levels of deductible to purchase.

Assigned Risk Program:

If you do not meet our underwriting requirements, please call our agency at 1-888-GLACIER, and ask an agent to help you make an application to the Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan. In order for your agent to offer you an assigned risk plan policy, he or she must be certified by the Plan.
Within the Assigned Risk Plan, you may qualify for the clean risk rate. The clean risk rates are lower than the regular assigned risk rates. You may qualify for the Assigned Risk Plan’s clean risk rate if within the preceding 36 months all licensed drivers in the household:

  • have had no accidents other than those in which your auto insurance company paid no more than $1150 for any claims on your behalf.
  • have received no more than three traffic violation points.
  • have had no suspension or revocation of an operator’s license.
  • the named insured (the person(s) listed on the policy) has been a licensed operator for three years.
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